Michigan Sandblasting Services

If the job is done correctly the first time, the benefits can last­­­ for years. Our green technology sandblasting service ensures that you get the best possible paint job when you are having your truck or trailer body work completed at All Type Truck and Trailer Repair.

Our sandblasting booth is large enough to accommodate tractor trailers and most heavy equipment. Therefore, all the work can be done in-house which ensures faster turn-around for your repair work.  Using a 1” gun and recyclable steel shot (rather than plastic material that others use), your metal surface is cleaner and better prepared allowing the primer to bite better and the paint to have better adherence and stickiness. As a result your paint job is smoother and lasts much longer. All of our sandblasting is done within an EDA controlled environment ensuring no environmental harm to the outdoors.

Whether your needs are mechanical, brake or suspension, body repair and fabrication, or new graphics for your truck, All Type Truck and Trailer Repair can do it all under one 50,000 square foot roof in Warren Michigan.

All Type Truck and Trailer Repair offers true one-stop-shop for all of your truck repair needs and with our experienced team and our unprecedented $5 million umbrella insurance policy (and we are the only company in the industry to carry PRIMARY insurance coverage) you have nothing to worry about.

We have extensive experience with all types of on-road and off-road trucks and we specialize in Class 8, heavy haulers, waste haulers, beverage trucks and all types of specialty trucks, including EMS and Fire Trucks. With over $1 million of in-stock parts, we are sure to be able to fix it, replace it, or refurbish it for you quickly, professionally and correctly – the first time!

Your trucks and trailers are too important to trust to anyone, so contact All Type Truck and Trailer Repair, Michigan’s premier, hassle-free truck repair facility today for a free estimate – and don’t forget we offer FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY for most customer jobs.

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